The Swedish National Energy Convention 2011

The largest Energy, Climate and Environmental Convention in Sweden which will take place the 21 – 22 of March 2011 at the City Conference Centre in the centre of Stockholm. .

Thank you for many interesting applications!

We have now started working with the Conference Program and we will reconnect with additional information in the coming weeks.

Our ambition is to have the most recent conference program as possible! In view of this ambition and the fact that it is still far from the conference implementation, we keep our call for papers open until further notice. As an example we would like to include the effects of the Swedish winter 2011 in terms such as supply issues and transportation. How did we manage the winter, lessons learned, negative and positive!

Call for papers/whole sessions

Are you interested in speaking and/or exhibit at the 2011 Swedish National Energy Convention?

  • Application for speaking, please fill out the form
  • Do you have a proposal for a whole session? 
  • Exhibitors, please fill out the application form. 

The 2011 areas are

  • Energy systems
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy and buildings/housing
  • Energy and industry
  • Energy and transports
  • Cleantech
  • Open area


Please visit our document database. Here you can browse among CV och abstracts from 12 annual Energy Conventions and also take part of exclusive presentations, videos and audio recordings. Welcome!

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